By expanding the scope of the platform, in Version 3.0 we implemented one of the classic tasks for the Bastau methodology. We are talking about creating nationwide databases. In this case, a database of the country’s innovative potential. 

A lightweight, intuitive, modern digital platform for collecting data on technologies, scientific publications and analytical reports.

Based on 23 criteria, including the name of the technology and information about the authors, areas of application, background of the project, stage of development, data on the early stages of funding from public or private organizations, etc. And the most important thing – is the vision of the developers themselves for further steps.

Without bureaucracy, without hierarchy, without intermediary organizations between scientists and the Government.

Every scientist, regardless of having a particular scientific degree, working in a scientific organization or outside it, young or retired, will have the opportunity to contribute their latest data on the technologies they have created.

In a matter of days, from scratch to a complete understanding of the state of the country’s innovation and scientific sector. The methodology for launching the project takes into account the conduct of a nationwide information campaign, which will solve a number of other problems – raising the status of scientists and inventors, clarifying their needs, as well as identifying critical technologies that are still at the design stage.

Every technology is the Heritage of the state and humanity. The principle we proposed is fundamentally different from the work of patent organizations.

The result of the project will be the creation of a spatial model that will include every project and every scientist, and the analysis system will clearly demonstrate to the leadership of the country’s scientific sphere the number of developments in different fields. The system can also become a direct channel of communication with representatives of the scientific field.