Big Data Spatial Visualization Technology for Multinational Corporations and Government Entities.



Dear friends!

We present to your attention version 1.0 of the “Bastau” software package. Months of hard work spent in search for new approaches, as well as the discovery of a whole range of technological know-how laid a solid foundation for the new platform.

First of all, it should be emphasized that we have created a completely new management tool that will provide “one-click” access to data on leaders, budgets, staff, income or loss (revenue or, a list of fixed assets, missions and the performance of any of the hundreds or thousands of branches and structural units of your organization).


We are glad to present Version 2.0 of the Bastau software package. At the stage of creating the updated platform, we set the task to create a universal environment that could simplify the management of geographically distributed organizations.

In the presented materials we have embodied a classical approach, in which access to data on any geographically distant unit is possible within one-click on the world map (еxample – a module for the work of HR-service).


By expanding the scope of the platform, we implemented in Version 3.0 one of the classic tasks for the Bastau methodology. We are talking about creating Nationwide Databases. In this case, a database of the country’s innovative potential.

A lightweight, intuitive, modern digital platform for collecting data on technologies, scientific publications and analytical reports.

Technology Overview

Information systems traditionally map data structures into two-dimensional space. We foresee the display of big data structures in three-dimensional (3D) space as a new innovation area for such systems.

We have developed a new generation information platform that supports the management activities of large organizations, including Governments, multinational companies and holdings, by projecting key organisation data structures into 3D spatial visualization format.

The technology can enable the speed-up of work activities such as the collection and analysis of the organization’s performance. Its data collection pipeline can account for a number of data parameters. We claim that the speed and efficiency of the technology in data collection and analysis workflows is hundreds of times faster/higher than the performance of traditional platforms.

Senior management of an organisation can utilise this technology for a one screen view of the entire organisation information linkages, spanning from departments, divisions, down to each employee of the organization. Displaying a web of interconnected information, that can facilitate quick decision-making processes.

A single database can be created at the implementation stage to map out the areas of responsibility and the performance of each unit/employee at the country/corporation level. We claim that the level of insight provided by the technology can enable financial savings, by optimizing human resources and revealing staff effectiveness at a granualar employee level.

Technology Features & Specifications

A completely new management tool that will provide “one-click” access to data on leaders, budgets, staff, income or loss, revenue, list of fixed assets, missions and the performance of any of the hundreds or thousands of branches and structural units of users’ organization.

Users can instantly summarize data for any group of units, select and display units by any of the following criteria:

  • the budget above or below the desired indicator,
  • the number of staff,
  • income or loss, and
  • activities.

The technology allows for an instant formation of consolidated reports, which saves hundreds of hours of labor collecting summary data.

The technology of implementation is unique. The creation of a complete three-dimensional structure of an organization, consisting of hundreds and thousands of units, can be implemented within 48 hours. This opens up huge opportunities for consulting and audit of large organizations.

As a goal, the technology owner has set a major change in the methodology of working with reporting information. The platform allows users to create and continue to maintain an online database of all schedules used in the organization, plans and reports on their implementation, which provides a global economy of human resources and strengthening the performance discipline in the organization.


Market Trends and Opportunities

The history of the technology is based on many years of practical experience. It is an alloy of strategic vision in several areas – mathematics, economics, journalism, propaganda, business management, public administration, information technology, social sciences, diplomacy and international cooperation.

The cost of information systems that are used for similar tasks in large organizations is always individual and depends on the size of the organization. The cost varies from 1 to 300 million USD.

The unique characteristics of the discovery allow the technology owner to assert the claim that large organizations, including the Governments of countries, in the near future may find value in adopting the proposed technology innovation.


Customer Benefits

  • Significant improvement in management efficiency, saving financial and human resources of the organization, ensuring transparency, effective feedback.
  • Formation of national/general corporate databases on areas of responsibility, tasks, results of work of each structural unit.
  • Acceleration of the speed of making management decisions, thereby improving the quality and reliability of service information.
  • Reducing the number of office documents and correspondence.