The team

Vitaliy Alexandrov

Vitaliy Alexandrov

Creator of the methodology

His professional qualifications include economics, international trade and investment, public administration, diplomacy, journalism, information campaigns, publishing, design and information systems.

Vitaliy graduated from the Abay Almaty State University.

He is 39 years old


Vassiliy Smirnov

Vassiliy Smirnov

Head of the Engineering Bureau

Professional fields: instrumentation and radionics.

He is a graduate from the Kazakhstan Engineering & Technological University and Kazakh State Law Academy.

He is 50 years old

Azamat Makhambetov

Azamat Makhambetov


Professional fields: automotive, law, management, economics, international business.

He graduated from Lincoln University (Oakland, California, USA), Berkeley University (California, USA), the Faculty of Mechanics and Construction at South Kazakhstan University and Kazakh State Law University.

Azamat is 36 years old.

Rustam Jalandinov

Rustam Jalandinov

CEO. Board member

Professional fields: jurisprudence, international trade and investment, management.

He graduated from the Turar Ryskulov Kazakh State Academy of Management and the Adilet Higher School of Law of the Academy of Jurisprudence.

49 years old


 Mikhail Namyatov

Mikhail Namyatov

Art director and director for the television aspect of the project. Board member

He is a communications engineer, a sound engineer, a DJ, sound producer and TV presenter.

Mikhail graduated from the Special Vocational School of Tashkent.

He is 44 years old

Aidar Karkenov

Aidar Karkenov

Lead Methodologist

Professional fields: public administration, system analytics, audit, business, diplomacy, master of sports of the USSR..

He graduated from the Kazakh Institute of Physical Culture.

He is 52 years old

Userbayev Aset

Bakiyev Mukhammed

Seregina Anastassiya

Seregin Danil

Issabekov Amirkhan

Bolatov Olzhas

IT Software Development team – Almaty University of Power Engineering & Telecommunications Research group

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Tanais Jalgasbayeva


Professional fields: economics, international business, oriental studies.

She graduated from Northwest University (Xi’an, Shanxi, China).

She is 21 years old

Pavel Namyatov

Director of sales and board member

Professional fields: management, founding industrial and industrial enterprises, the chemical industry, creation, the production and promotion of marketable products.

He graduated from the Technological College of Tashkent.

He is 41 years old

Elena Vinokurova

PR director and head of the press service.

Professional fields: journalism, production and broadcasting of television programs, TV presenter, PR-technology, information campaigns.

She graduated from Al-Farabi Kazakh National University.

She is 44 years old